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The Good Shepherd

The Congregation of the Good Shepherd Sisters and their lay partners was founded in Anger in France in the mid-1800s. Their work has traditionally been done in the least glamorous surroundings where the socially deprived exist in slums and families have personal, social, and psychological difficulties. The Sisters came to Thailand in 1965 and established their 1st center in Bangkok. They now have over 7 centers around Thailand. Our MissionThe Good Shepherd Sisters and their Lay-Partners work in direct service with women, children, families, and victims of human trafficking to improve dignity, support self-sufficiency, and enhance the quality of life to those who have been excluded from the benefits of society. Our values, Good Shepherd offers social services to those most in need, irrespective of race and religion. Compassion and healing relationships are integral to our mission. Our special focus is on the human, social, and spiritual development of women and children. Around Thailand, Good Shepherd has many locations in Thailand including Bangkok, Nongkai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya, Surrathani, and Phuket. There are 8 principle areas assistance is given: The Mothers and baby’s home, offering pregnant girls counseling, care, medical attention, and an environment in which they are accepted. The Fatima Self Help Centre giving employment to persons who find it difficult to get and hold a job. This Centre produces beautifully handmade craft, which is being sold throughout the region. The center strengthens confidence in the individual’s own potential.A Day Care Centre for children has also been set up to care for the children of the workers. The Vocational Training and Adult Education offered to youths and adults who lack formal schooling. The Leadership Training Program offered to women from remote villages giving them the opportunity to be trained over a period of five months in domestic and social awareness and return to their villages where they serve as leaders passing on the skills they have acquired. The aim of the program is to improve the quality of life both for the homemakers and other villagers. Teenager Center has over 60 girls that have been sexually or physically abused. They are given counseling, treatment, and education so they may re-start their lives.HIV/AIDs Center in Nongkai – Many of those afflicted with HIV or AIDS have been thrown out of their villages. At the center, they are taken care of and given the opportunity to earn a decent wage by hand-making cards and gifts which are sold all over Thailand. To Lean More Visit: Good Shepherd Phuket.

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