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What We Offer

  • We list your property locally and internationally 
  • Worldwide online visibility 
  • Social Media Marketing 

  • We handle all buyer inquiries, questions, and traffic

  • We schedule and show your property to qualified buyers

  • Discuss available options and find solutions for successful sales transactions

What We Can Help You With

  • Selling your house or villa in Phuket

  • Selling your condo or apartment in Phuket
  • Selling your land in Phuket

Peace Of Mind

We will handle the process from beginning to end and make recommendations that will help you successfully market your property. Just fill out the form and you will be contacted by one of our professional brokers to discuss how we can help.

Selling your Property in Phuket

When you decide it’s time to sell your house in Phuket, you might wonder where to start or how to go about it. After all, selling your property, land, home, villa, condo, or apartment in Phuket Thailand is quite different from what you are used to in your home country.

Most sellers turn to local realtors and real estate companies for help. But which realtor should you use and what commission should you pay? These are good questions. If you have a relationship with the agent who sold you your property, that’s a great place to start. Most sellers will use multiple agents to help sell their property in Phuket on a non-exclusive basis.

Since 2013, Phuket Realtor has served owners who wish to sell their property in Phuket Thailand. We have years of combined experience in the local real estate market along with some of the lowest commission rates on the island. Many clients consider us a discount broker.

Phuket Realtor is dedicated with experience to effectively market and sell properties in all price ranges. We will promote and sell your property, land, villa, condo, or apartment and we are 100% committed to delivering a stress-free transaction. We assist in selling your property in a professional manner and do this for every client we serve. More about selling your Phuket property.


Marketing to Sell your Land, Villa, Condo, or Apartment

When you market and sell your property with Phuket Realtor, it becomes accessible to a very large community of interested buyers and lessees through our international network of contacts and affiliates.

To ensure you get the most exposure for your home online, we start with our international website and social media outlets. We also pay to advertise your property with 3rd party listing portals such as Thailand-Property.com, DOTproperty.com, HipFlat.com, ThailandHousingMarket.com, and others to broaden our reach and better market your property internationally.

Let's face it, selling your house in Phuket Thailand can be challenging so it's best to work with an experienced realtor who can help move you forward. It may also interest you to know that each element of our marketing will be set prior to listing your property for sale.

Our Services are Contingent Upon

 * Inspection of your property. Your property must be in an area we cover and your expectations must be competitive with the market. We also ask that you respect the contractual obligations of our agency agreement and provide the necessary documents associated with selling a property in Thailand.

 * Our agency agreement for your review can be found here

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