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Phuket Realtor Announces A Referral Program

Category : Buying Real Estate | Nov 04, 2022
Phuket Realtor Referral ProgramPhuket Realtor is proud to announce a referral program to reward owners and clients who are kind enough to send us referrals. This has become a big part of our business at Phuket Realtor. This is our way of saying "Than...

International Flights Ramp Up in Phuket Thailand

Category : Property Market News | Sep 10, 2022
International Flights Ramp Up in Phuket ThailandSince the easing of travel restrictions in Thailand, pent-up demand has continued to push travelers to Phuket. The Phuket hotel sector including rental properties are starting to see a recovery trend in...

Thailand Internet Speed | Top 5 in the World according to Speed Index

Category : Property Market News | Aug 30, 2022
Thailand Ranks in the Top 5 Worldwide for Internet SpeedThailand has enjoyed fast internet speed on mobile devices for some time now. But Thailand has witnessed significant improvements in fixed broadband internet speeds over the last 5 years. As mor...

Thailand Reopening Fully Starting July 1, 2022 - It's Finally Here!

Category : Property Market News | Jun 28, 2022
The Reopening of Thailand is Finally HereIt has just become much easier to enter Thailand. They are eliminating the "Thailand Pass" paperwork process and will offer Visas upon arrival starting July 1, 2022.Tourists will be broken up into 2 group...

Cost of Living in Phuket Thailand | Compare and See

Category : Buying Real Estate | May 01, 2022
Cost of Living in Phuket ThailandSince leaving America in 2007 to come live and work in Phuket Thailand, the question we get asked most is "How much does it cost to live here?"And the answer is, "It really depends". It depends on a number of factors...

Why is Sea View Property Limited in Phuket Thailand?

Category : Buying Real Estate | Mar 15, 2022
Sea View Property in Phuket ThailandIt's a fact, sea view property is not as abundant as most people imagine it would be in Phuket Thailand.Zoning Laws in PhuketThere are many reasons for the limited amount of sea view property in Phuket that we will...

Thailand Introduces 10-year Visa | Starting in 2022

Category : Property Market News | Jan 25, 2022
Thailand Introduces 10-year Visa starting in 2022The recent global pandemic has been disastrous for Thailand's economy which shrank by -6.1% (GDP) in 2020. This has created an opportunity for the Thai government to re-think many of its current polici...

7 Tips For Buying A Property For Foreigners To Live In Phuket

Category : Buying Real Estate | Nov 05, 2021
     Thailand is quite popular for buying real estate as it contains properties that are not too expensive. Some of these areas in Thailand include the big cities and the islands, such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, and Phuket. The...

Phuket Realtor performs Phuket Property Valuations

Category : Selling Real Estate | Jul 30, 2021
     Do you need a professional Phuket property valuation? We can help. We offer property valuations which are a professional opinion of the value of your property.We will compile a full report after inspecting your property which can...

Phuket Realtor Staff 100% Fully Vaccinated!

Category : Buying Real Estate | Jun 30, 2021
As of June 2021, 100% of Phuket Realtors staff and employees have been fully vaccinated.We would like to thank the government of Thailand and local health authorities for organizing, administering, and providing what we considered to be a smooth vacc...

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