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Why use a Realtor to Buy Property in Thailand?

Category : Buying Real Estate | Posted On 2020-03-04 00:00:00

Why Buy Property in Thailand using a Realtor?

We understand how difficult and time-consuming buying property in Thailand can be. A good realtor can save you from a hectic routine of looking for houses that don’t meet your needs.


Before we start working on finding your ideal home we make sure that we listen to your requirements and discuss exactly what you are seeking. We will arrange a short meeting with you and then put together a list of properties that best fit your needs and stated requirements. This will be a list of properties most suited for you based on what you have told us. Everything is done in a friendly professional manner and most clients feel relaxed during the whole process.

The next step is to view the list of properties most suited for you. We will arrange the appointments and act as your consultant. We will give straightforward advice from an honest perspective. After viewing the property and giving you some time to discuss them, we will create a “shortlist” and eventually narrow it down to one property.


As your consultant, we will help you with the “Offer” to the seller. Then we will present and negotiate your formally stated terms and price to the owner. Most owners of property in Thailand will use a realtor to market their property internationally. Many of our clients are ex-pats (foreigners) who will use the services of a realtor so they do not have to deal directly with a multitude of inquiries. As your realtor will work with the seller directly.

Pricing of property in Thailand is naturally more expensive the closer you get to the beach and less expensive inland rural areas. We offer choices of villas, condominiums, apartments, and land for sale. The choices include “off-plan” (pre-construction), under construction, completed, and the secondary market. Phuket offers something for just about everyone.


Having years of experience in the Phuket real estate market we can assure you that you will be guided safely through the process of purchasing a property in Thailand by using our services. We also provide you with an interactive website that not only helps you have an idea of what is on the market but discusses taxes, titles, ownership structures and more.

We would be happy to discuss in more detail our real estate services and why using a realtor is important when looking to buy property in Thailand.

Call us today at +66 93 606 0906 or send us an email at [email protected] or visit our office.

Phuket Realtor
David Henry
David Henry is known for his integrity, high energy and hard work which goes into every detail or your real estate transaction at Phuket Realtor. David grew up in the Boston area and started as a realtor in his 20's. With over 30 years of experience in real estate, he has now started one of the best independent real estate agencies in Thailand, Phuket Realtor.

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