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Key Locations for Real Estate in Phuket Thailand

Thirty miles long and 13 miles wide, 70% of Phuket Thailand is covered by mountains that bisect the island from North to South. 

Generally, the closer you get to the beach the more expensive it gets for Phuket real estate. However, on this island, you're never too far from the sea at any given point.

Central Phuket

Central and located in the center of Phuket are Thalang, Phuket Town, and Kathu. Phuket real estate here is moderately priced and this part of the island naturally offers easy access to all key destinations. Phuket Town is the business and economic hub but also offers a lot to do and see including historic attractions and plenty of festivals. Visitors come every year to enjoy its sights and sounds and get a taste of Phuket's rich culture.

Phuket Town:  $$  

Property for Sale in Phuket Town can vary dramatically. Phuket's capital is most commonly referred to as Phuket Town. A maze of one-way streets lined with Sino-Portuguese buildings, the town still retains a lot of historical charm. Many of Phuket's annual festivals are held here. Phuket Town is a diverse and interesting place to explore.

Kathu:  $$  

Kathu is located between Phuket Town and Patong Beach in the center of the island. Each is 10 minutes away. Kathu is known for Golf with 3 courses in this area. Kathu is also very lush with rolling green hills and plenty of bodies of water and one of the island's best waterfalls. Property prices here are reasonable.


Thalang is the former capital of Phuket. It is in the center of the island and property values here are still reasonable. Thalang has a rich history and some of the oldest temples on the island. It takes only 15 minutes to get to Layan beach from Thalang and the airport is only 20 minutes. Phuket real estate in Thalang can be very reasonable.


     Central Phuket 

North Phuket:

The North of Phuket is underdeveloped and offers the best property prices on the island. With local villages and fresh markets, this part of the island still remains Thai. The North has beautiful uncrowded white sandy beaches and golf. The Phuket International Airport is located here. Phuket real estate of the North includes Nai Thon Beach, Nai Yang Beach, and Mai Khao Beach.

The best place to find an affordably priced property is in the North, which is the least developed area of Phuket. There are great beaches in this area that aren’t very crowded. You’re very near to the airport and property in this area can give a great return on investment, once the tourist focus shifts to this area.

Nai Thon Beach: $$$$  

Nai Thon is a quiet and idyllic beach along Phuket's Northwest coast. Part of the reason the area has managed to remain so peaceful is due to the isolation and zoning of the National Park. The roads leading into Nai Thon wind through the jungle and along some spectacular stretches of coastline. Sirinat National Park is 90 square kilometers of hills and jungle and in the middle is Nai Thon Beach which is quite small and full of charm. Because of the national park, Phuket real estate is limited here.

Nai Yang Beach:  $$  

Nai Yang Beach is windy and great for kite surfing fringed with casuarina trees just behind the airport. Some of the beaches lie within Srinath National Park and therefore Phuket real estate development along the beachfront is somewhat limited.

Mai Khao Beach:  $$  

At Mai Khao Beach fishing and farming are more important than tourism and most of the land remains in its less developed state. The property here is still inexpensive compared to the West. Mai Khao Beach is a beautiful 11-kilometer stretch of sand that is mostly deserted.

Phang Nga:  $  

Land for sale off the island in Phang Nga, however isolated, is extremely inexpensive. If you are looking for peace and quiet and a bigger plot of land then Phang Nga is your winner. This is the perfect real estate for anyone looking for a tropical paradise at an affordable price.


     North Phuket 

South Phuket

The South of the island includes Chalong, Rawai Beach, and Nai Harn Beach. Popular with tourists and ex-pats, this part of the island offers plenty of activities and a wide range of restaurants and nightlife. Southern Phuket is mostly flat and easy for developers to build. Property prices are about 20% less than the West Coast. Nai Harn is rated one of the best beaches on Phuket year after year with fresh fish restaurants and great snorkeling. Kata and Karon's beaches are just a 10-minute drive over the hill.

The South Coast has seen a lot of new construction in recent years. The advantage here is that the beaches are not as crowded and it’s quieter on average, but it takes 90 minutes to reach the airport from here. The average property value is approximately 12 million Baht.

Chalong:  $$  

Chalong is mostly flat with a large bay good for anchorage and the main departure point for diving and fishing trips from Phuket. Phuket real estate prices here are moderately priced. The area is popular among ex-pats living in Phuket and there are many dive shops, restaurants, and bars here. Phuket Town is 10 minutes North, Rawai is 10 minutes South and Kata is 10 minutes West.

Rawai Beach $$$  

Rawai Beach is at the Southernmost tip of Phuket. The land is mostly flat and buildable. Prices are moderate. Rawai has a village feel and is fairly relaxed and laid back compared to the West Coast. Although the beach itself has a shallow reef and is not ideal for swimming, Rawai is a great place to charter a longtail boat to nearby islands.

Nai Harn Beach: $$$$  

Nai Harn Beach is one of the island's most picturesque beaches with clear water, white sand, and an easy pace. Property is limited and prices here are more expensive than Rawai. The beachfront is quite peaceful with shade trees and many local restaurants with fresh seafood.


     South Phuket 

East Phuket:  

The east coast of Phuket and the North are the least developed parts of the island and the least expensive. Most of the beaches on the East side are tidal and not comparable to the white sand beaches of the West. However, along the water of the Eastside, you can find some of Phuket's most exclusive properties with dramatic sea views of the surrounding islands. All of the marinas are located on the Eastside. With calm waters and easy access to world-famous sailing, the Eastside is a yachting paradise. The East includes Cape Panwa, Koh Sirey, Cape Yamu, and Ao Po.

The east coast is the place to be if you like to sail or own a boat. The area is home to many luxurious marinas and there are plans for more. Phuket real estate in the East, is available in all price ranges, from low-priced to very expensive. 

Cape Panwa $$$  

Cape Panwa is home to one of the most exclusive resorts on the island, Sri Panwa. The area boasts some outstanding sea views looking at Phang Nga Bay. On a clear day, you can see Koh Pipi and there are 30-plus islands in this cluster off Phuket. Cape Panwa is not overly developed but its proximity to Phuket Town means that shops and amenities are only a short drive away. Land prices here are moderate to expensive.

Koh Sirey:  $$  

Phuket's Koh Sirey has been one of those areas touted as being just on the verge of a property boom but never quite getting there. It's located on the East side of Phuket Town and overlooks Phang Nga Bay. You can still get oceanfront Phuket real estate here for a lot less than on the West Coast.

Cape Yamu:  $$$  

Cape Yamu is located on the East Coast and overlooks Sapam Bay and the spectacular islands of Phang Nga. Ten years ago there was very little here except a few fishing villages. Now Cape Yamu has become one of the most sought-after areas for a property on the East Coast. Sea view property is expensive and nonsea view property is reasonable.

Ao Po:  $$  

Ao Po is home to a 300-berth Ao Po Grand Marina that can accommodate superyachts of 100+ meters. Ao Por is a popular launching point for trips to the nearby islands. Despite this, the area is largely undeveloped, and land prices here are comparably low. This is an ideal area for those looking for a quiet place in Phuket with breathtaking island views.


     East Phuket 

West Phuket

The West is the most sought-after real estate on the island. Property prices here are expensive. The West is the most developed part of the island popular with tourists. Here you will find Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Patong Beach, Kamala Beach, Surin Beach, Bang Tao Beach, and Layan Beach. All have white sand beaches and plenty of options for shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife. The West is also dominated by hotels and resorts. Patong is the place that most people visit for the first time in Phuket. Kamala and Surin boast some of the most luxurious sea-view properties on the island.

Properties on the West Coast are expensive on average, as this is the most developed area of the island. If you like to go out, enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, and like to meet new people, this can be a great area for you. The range of Phuket real estate prices in this area is very wide, starting as low as 2.5 million baht for studio apartments and going all the way up past $10 million USD for a luxury sea view villa. 

Kata Beach:  $$$$  

Kata Beach might just be the most popular beach for tourists on the island and is situated on the Southwest coast. Property here is dominated by resorts and property prices are obscene. Karon Beach is 10 minutes to the North and Kata Noi Beach is 5 minutes to the South. This is a very dense area but friendly, Club Med occupies a large portion of the land. Kata has very little flat buildable land because it is immediately bordered by mountains.

Karon Beach:  $$$$  

Karon Beach is a stretch of powdery white sand and crystal clear waters just 10 minutes South of Patong. The land is scarce and expensive here as it's bordered by mountains and hotels dominate this area. Although the area is quite developed and is home to some of Phuket's biggest resorts, the 4km long beach never feels overcrowded.

Patong Beach: $$$$  

Patong Beach is by far the busiest and most developed beach town in Phuket. The land here is now the most expensive land on the island. It is the center of the island's shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife. It is usually the first stop for travelers new to Phuket. If you like plenty going on around you, Patong is the place to be.

Kamala Beach:  $$$  

Kamala Beach is locked between Patong and Surin. Kamala is mostly flat and buildable and bordered by mountains. Prices in this flat area are reasonable for the West Coast. However, this part of the island is rapidly moving upmarket with some of the region's most desirable properties. The stretch along the southern headlands is dubbed "millionaire's mile" with many homes exceeding 10M USD. This being said, Kamala Beach still retains a village feel with a laid-back atmosphere.

Surin Beach $$$$  

Surin Beach is my personal favorite and I am not alone here. It is home to some of Phuket's most exclusive resorts and is regarded as one of the island's prime locations with multi-million dollar villas on the hillside overlooking the sea. Property prices are expensive. The beach is one of the best on the West Coast with soft white sand and clear blue waters.

Bang Tao Beach: $$$$  

Bang Tao Beach is Phuket’s second-longest beach and one of the biggest ex-pat populations. This is a key location. Property is expensive and many luxury villas are located here. Most of the Northern beachfront is occupied by the Laguna Phuket complex, a huge development comprising luxury hotels, condominiums, villas, and an 18-hole golf course. Southern Bang Tao, you can find a strip of small resorts lining the beach and a small village set further inland.

Layan Beach: $$$$  

Layan Beach is a small shallow bay with a coconut-covered island that blocks the entrance to the bay. Layan has a nice shady beachfront park and a short walk takes you to Bang Tao Beach. The area is very quiet and peaceful. The hills above Layan Beach offer great sea views of the Andaman and property is expensive in this area. Layan borders the Laguna Phuket complex.


     Phang Nga Islands

Phuket Real Estate

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