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Comprehensive Coverage Options for Home and Condo Insurance in Phuket Thailand

Category : Buying Real Estate | Posted On 2024-01-20 00:00:00

Comprehensive Coverage Options for Home and Condo Insurance in Phuket Thailand

Home and Condo Insurance provides extensive coverage for both structural and personal belongings, safeguarding against various risks, including theft, natural disasters, and third-party liabilities.

Coverage Highlights:

  1. Protection against Natural Disasters: Home and Condo Insurance offers coverage against a range of natural disasters, such as fire, lightning, short circuits, aircraft disasters, smoke, and water hazards. Flood coverage may vary between plans, so it's essential to clarify the specifics with your insurance provider.

  2. Theft Coverage: This insurance safeguards against theft, covering losses of furniture and belongings within the property. Damages to property, like tampering with doors or windows, are also included, with additional coverage for IT equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, and computers.

  3. Cash Insurance: Some plans include cash insurance, protecting the cash within your home during incidents of theft or robbery. Check with your agent to confirm whether this coverage is included in your chosen plan.

  4. Temporary Accommodation Expense: Home and Condo Insurance may cover expenses for temporary accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable due to damages. This compensation helps cover alternative living expenses until your residence is repaired and livable.

  5. Glass Insurance: Damaged or broken glass, resulting from theft or robbery, is covered by the insurance company's terms and conditions, providing further protection for your property.

  6. Third-Party Liability: The insurance includes coverage for third-party liability, addressing injuries or deaths that occur within your home or condo due to an incident.

  7. Personal Accident Coverage: Personal Accident coverage is provided for accidents within the home or condo, with eligibility up to 70 years of age.

  8. Additional Coverage: Each insurance company offers additional coverage options, such as flood coverage, compensation for family members' deaths, temporary placement compensation, maintenance costs, design costs, and more. Consult with your agent or broker to understand the specific inclusions of your policy.

How to Purchase Home and Condo Insurance:

  1. Simple Application Process: Applying for home insurance is straightforward:

    • Complete the application form via the website or through staff via email.
    • Provide a copy of your passport (for foreigners) or ID card (for Thais) and house registration.
    • Pay the premium.
    • Receive immediate protection with a temporary PDF confirming your coverage.
    • The original documents (policy) will be sent to your mailing address within 7-14 days.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    • What does Home and Condo Insurance cover? Home and Condo Insurance protects against damages caused by natural disasters, theft, or robbery, covering losses to the contents of your home and furniture.

    • Is coverage customizable? Yes, coverage for buildings, furniture, and property can be tailored based on individual preferences, allowing flexibility in choosing appropriate coverage.

    • Is there compensation for temporary accommodation? Some plans include compensation for temporary accommodation, contingent on the chosen plan.

    • Does the insurance cover cash losses? Many plans provide coverage for cash lost inside the home, subject to specific limits.

    • Does Home and Condo Insurance cover natural disasters? Yes, most plans include coverage for natural disasters, including fire, lightning, water hazards, theft, smoke, and earthquakes. Flood coverage may vary.

    • What exclusions apply to Home and Condo Insurance? Exclusions typically involve high-value items like silver bars, gold jewelry, antiques, artifacts, manuscripts, or specific documents. It's essential to review the policy for a comprehensive understanding.

    • How long until I receive my original policy? A temporary PDF is sent within 3-4 days, and the original policy is delivered by post within 7-10 business days, depending on the chosen insurance company. Pickup options are also available at the office.


When seeking the best home and condo insurance plans, it's crucial to compare options, review terms and conditions, and consult with your agent or broker for a clear understanding of coverage inclusions and limitations.

This is a helpful tool to get homeowners insurance quotes. This website compares Home Owner's Insurance policies available in Phuket Thailand: https://checkdi.com/th/home/main?lg=en&pptype=home

An example Insurance quote can be found here:  https://phuketrealtor.com/files/aig-home-onwers-quote-coverage-6m-mr-greg-carlson.pdf

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