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Rental Management Companies for Phuket Real Estate

Category : Buying Real Estate | Posted On 2019-11-10 00:00:00

List of Rental Management Companies for Phuket Real Estate

Here is a list of rental management companies in Phuket. If you own Phuket real estate and would like to generate an income from it, they will organize everything for you, from basic set up to photos, web and real estate agent marketing. Each rental management company employs and trains professional staff, hosts your guests to the highest standard and most importantly ensures your property is kept in excellent condition.


Knight Frank:  In Phuket, Knight Frank is the market leader in villa and condo rental and property management. Having the largest team of directly employed property managers, rental experts, accountants, technicians, gardeners, and maids enables them to provide quality property and rental management to residential estates and condominiums and Phuket real estate. Contact details: +66 76 325 195 or www.knightfrank.co.th


CBRE: When it comes to property management, CBRE is the biggest because of the number of properties they managed on the island. They dominate! With so much focus on Property Management, the rental management services have taken a back seat. Many Phuket real estate developments employ the services of CBRE. Contact details:  +66 76 689 900 or email phuket@cbre.co.th and website www.cbre.co.th


HoliPlanet:  They have a saying “Why spend holidays in a hotel room when you can have the space and privacy of a beautiful vacation home? In Holiplanet we are sure that you will feel right at home without giving up the hotel services.” They also are a Phuket real estate builder. Contact details:  +66 61 176 3668 or email bratta@holiplanet.com and website https://www.holiplanet.com/en/homepage-eng/


Lofty Phuket:   They promise to rent your property at the highest rates & occupancy possible. Cleanings, Fresh linens, Check-ins, Check-outs, and guest support via our 24/hr live staff. They work directly with Airbnb. Contact details:  +66 92 475 4984 or email info@loftyphuket.com and website www.loftyphuket.com


Brown Starling:  One of my favorite rental management companies for Phuket real estate management. They also offer just Villa management. They get many bookings due to their inventory and with the properties, they have built over the years. Their team is strong and well trained. Contact details:  +66 76 613 080 or email rsvn1@brownstarling.com and website https://www.brownstarling.com/index.htm

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