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Permanent Resident Visa for Thailand

Category : Thailand Property News | Posted On 2019-07-15 00:00:00

Permanent Resident Visa for Thailand

Many individuals want to remain permanently in Thailand. It is one of South East Asia's most sought-after locations with low yet convenient living standards. 

There are a lot of questions about how to apply for Thai permanent resident status from foreigners who want to reside in Thailand.

Benefits of Permanent Resident Visa for Thailand

There are many benefits to obtaining status as a permanent resident visa (PR) for Thailand. It enables you to live in Thailand permanently without having to apply for an extension of stay. You can also have your name on a home registration document, and you can purchase a condominium without transferring funds from overseas. A permanent resident visa also makes it simpler to obtain a job license once you have PR status.

You can also be qualified to become a director of a Thai public company and eventually apply to become a naturalized Thai citizen. You will also be able to apply to your non-Thai family members for an extension of stay and permanent resident visa status.

The Royal Thai Immigration Commission processes all requests for Thai Permanent Residency. A maximum of 100 people per nation is the annual quota for giving permanent residency in Thailand. Usually from October to the end of December of each year is the application period for Thai PR.

How to Apply

To apply for a permanent resident visa for Thailand, the following criteria must be fulfilled. 

Number one, you must have had a non-immigrant Thai visa at least three years before you request permanent residency. To qualify, you must have 3 successive annual extensions. 

Number two, upon submission of your application, you must be a non-immigrant visa holder. 

Number three, you must be able to apply for permanent resident visa status in Thailand in one of these classifications: 

  • Category of investment (minimum investment of 10 M Baht in Thailand)
  • Category Work / Business
  • Support a family or category Humanity Reasons: In this category, you must have a connection with a Thai citizen or an alien who already has a residence permit as a spouse or wife; a dad or mother; or a Thai child guardian under the age of 20.
  • Category of expert/academic
  • Other categories of Thai Immigration determines

Note that the list of papers needed for the implementation depends on the category in which the request is submitted.


Once your Permanent Resident Visa for Thailand request has been approved, you will receive a residence blue book. You then have to register your residence at the local Amphur in Thailand and get a house card. 

You can then apply for an alien book (red book) at the local police station one week after receiving your residence certificate, which is the equivalent of the Thai national ID card. Every year you have to re-register there.

Unless revoked, the residency permit itself will never expire. However, you need to apply for a re-entry license (approval) to be able to leave the nation and return to Thailand.

After keeping permanent resident status in Thailand for 10 successive years, you can apply to become a Thai naturalized citizen.


The cost of the initial application is 7,600 baht. However, upon approval, a subsequent 100,000 to 200,000 baht fee is required, depending on the category under which the application was approved. After the fees have been paid an individual can truly be considered a legal resident in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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