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Simple Meditation Exercise

Category : Property Market News | Posted On 2020-05-08 00:00:00

Simple Meditation Exercise

For years, I heard others talk about the benefits of Meditation. Until I moved to Thailand, Meditation itself was never really explained to me, so I did not know exactly where to start or how to actually do it. More and more people are searching to alleviate stress and maintain serenity with the harried pace of modern life. 

Buying property in Thailand can be challenging and this simple meditation exercise you can learn in 5 minutes to help keep you grounded during the process of finding the right property.

This simple meditation exercise involves standing and walking. I find that on the days that I Meditate, I am much more at peace with myself, my surroundings, and those around me. I feel better, I think better and I sleep better.

Here we Go - Walking Simple Meditation Exercise

Before walking, stand erect with your legs straight, your feet close together and your hands at your sides. Lift your left hand, and mindfully put it in the chosen position. Move slowly, feeling the movement distinctly and make the following mental acknowledgments synchronously with the movements. As you lift your left arm, say in your mind (or out loud) “lifting”; as you move your forearm toward your body, say “moving towards”; and as you rest your hand on your abdomen, say in mind, “setting down”. Do the same as you move your right arm.

Position of the Hands

The hands may be loosely clasped in front of you, with the arms bent so that the hands rest on your stomach. If the duration of the walking exercise is fairly short, it is usually unnecessary to change the position of the hands; however, if the walking meditation is prolonged, you may change the position. Remember, though, to acknowledge in your mind “intending to change” three times before you start making a movement. Then as you move your arms, keep mindfulness fixed on the movements. Move one arm first followed by the other, at the same time making mental acknowledgments “lifting; moving; setting down”.


Next, be mindful of the standing position. Try to be aware of “body” standing, not “I” standing. Make mental acknowledgments like this: focus awareness on the top of the head and make a mental sweep down the body to the soles of your feet, saying in your mind, at the same time, “standing”.Make a mental sweep in an upward direction from the soles of the feet to the top of the head, saying in mind, “standing”. A third time, make the acknowledgment “standing” as awareness moves down from the top of the head to the soles of the feet. At first, it is quite difficult to be clearly aware of the standing posture because there is no physical movement, but gradually the mindful mental sweep will become clearer.


Mindfulness is now focused on the feet. Keep it there and try to be aware of the tension in your feet accompanying the desire to walk, saying in mind “intending to walk; intending to walk; intending to walk”.Lift the left foot about three inches from the floor; move it forward at the same level, and then set it down about five or six inches in front of the right foot. Focus attention on the movement of the foot from the moment it is lifted until it is set down, simultaneously making the acknowledgment “left goes thus”. The movement of the foot is perceived as continuous and is not divided into separate stages. When the right foot is being lifted, moved and set down, be aware of the movement, and simultaneously say in mind “right goes thus”. The acknowledgment should neither precede nor lag behind the movement. Continue walking, with awareness focused on the movement of the feet until coming to the end of the walk space. Bring your feel together on the last step.

Be mindful of standing as before, make three acknowledgments of “standing”. Be clearly aware of “body” standing, not“I” standing, and make three mental sweeps from head to toe, toe to head, and again from head to toe.


Keeping attention on the feet, try to feel the tension there as you become aware of the wish to turn. Make three mental acknowledgments while being aware of wanting to turn; “intending to turn; intending to turn; intending to turn”. Turning is divided into four sections. Move your right foot clockwise, keeping your right heel on the ground, but lifting your toes, saying in mind “turn” and, as you put your toes down, saying in mind, “-ing”, the angle of movement should be about 45 degrees.

Next lift your left foot straight up about three inches, saying in mind “turn”. Then place it down parallel to the right foot, saying in mind “-ing”. Then say “one”. Make four pairs of movements in this way in order to complete a 180-degree turn.

Having turned, keeping attention focused on the movements of the feet at all times, again be mindful of “standing” and “intending to walk” as before.

While performing the walking exercises, your attention should be on the movements of the feet; not on the sound of the words. The acknowledgments should be made at the same time as the movements; not before or after them.

This simple meditation exercise can be done in a quiet place and for any length of time. Slowing down and becoming more aware bring about peace within. I would like to thank Helen Jandamit and credit her book The Path to Peace Within.


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David Henry
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