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The Useful Life of a Thai Condominium Building

Category : Condo Developments | Posted On 2013-05-15 00:00:00

The Useful Life of a Thai Condominium Building

Here in Thailand, almost all condominium buildings are constructed of concrete with reinforced steel. A typical Thai condominium building uses a post and beam structure of reinforced concrete with brick and mortar walls. Pre-tension pilings are set deep into the ground and tied into a footing that supports the substructure making a superstructure that supports the building. 

As far as Useful Life, the structure of the building will last far longer than the economic life of the condominium, and individual components. This type of construction using concrete and steel is very strong but the main reason they use it is because of the weather and conditions in Thailand. The question of the “useful life of Thai condominium buildings” sometimes comes up in conversation when discussing the 90-year leasehold term (30+30+30) as to whether or not the building will still be standing in 90 years.

Over time, due to wear and tear, those individual components break down and need repair or replacement. Knowing the age of a building will give you an idea of when it'll likely need maintenance and replacement again. The age of the building can be found in our listings under "project completion" under the Details of Development.

The first major component in a Thai condominium building that will need maintenance and replacement is usually the roof. Condominium roofs usually last up to about 10 years, after which it will require maintenance and replacement by the time it reaches 15 to 18 years. The elevators will last up to 20 years, with more frequent maintenance for the following 10 years, and likely replacement after that.

The quality and durability of PVC plumbing used in Thai condominium buildings have improved over the years; if done right you can expect it to remain operational for at least 50 years. From thereon, it will require maintenance and an eventual replacement as well.

Standard windows may also last about 50 years but will require to be resealed before then.

For a Thai condominium building to remain functional, it requires cyclical maintenance and replacement of its major components over time. By the time a condominium building reaches 50 years of age, it will have gone through several partial retrofits, likely in stages. But the useful life of the condo is yet to be reached at 50 years on a well-constructed building.

Bottom Line?

When it comes to physical longevity, the same formula applies to condominiums as to other high-rise buildings. A properly funded and prudently managed building may have a lifespan of 100+ years or even more. The poorly run, neglected, and mismanaged condo usually ends up going down much sooner.

Properly managed and governed condominium complexes maintain sinking funds for the replacement of the common elements without undue financial hardships.

Therefore, the useful life of the condo building in Thailand depends on the build quality, quality of governance, the prudence of management policies, and the ability of owners to regularly look after their expenses. Most condominium buildings will use a sinking fund set up by the owners to pay for these repairs and replacements over time.


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