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The WOODS Natural Park Development | Apartments for Sale Phuket

Category : Condo Developments | Posted On 2016-10-10 00:00:00

Development: The WOODS Natural Park


Year Built:  Q4 2018

Total Number of Units:  32

Ownership Structure:  Foreign Freehold and Leasehold Title

Prices and Location:  The WOODS Natural Park Listing

Video Link:  The WOODS Natural Park Video

Developer Link:  Developer The WOODS Website


The WOODS Natural Park apartments for sale in Phuket are a new modern tropical resort. They come with beautiful architecture harmonized with nature. Apartment rooms including suites of luxurious accommodation in unique design, providing peaceful ambiance, and offering extensive room sizes. 

These apartments for sale in Phuket are located in Kamala on the west coast of Phuket, close to Patong Beach and Surin Beach. The WOODS are focused on offering experiences that enhance the quality of life.

The WOODS Natural Park provides an excellent choice of facilities that includes a large swimming pool, kids room, and outdoor play area, fitness room, restaurant, and shuttle bus service to Kamala Beach.

The WOODS Natural Park, “It’s not just the home that you live in, but the nature that you choose to surround yourself”. Ask your real estate agent to arrange an appointment for viewing these apartments for sale in Phuket.


With Nature As Our Sales Point, Our Design And Construction Has The Eco-System In Mind. 

Stone Walls Are Not Only Elegant And Eye-Pleasing Design But Acts As A Natural Isolation From The Heat, Reducing The Usage Of Electricity For Cooling And Needs No Painting. The WOODS offers Thailand apartments for sale in Phuket.

We Use High-Quality Materials Throughout For Longer Duration And Less Maintenance. 

5-Star Luxury With An Affordable Price.


Title of Ownership can be registered under the name of any nationality as Freehold at the time of purchase as long as the foreign quota of 49 percent of total units remains available. Ownership can also be titled under a foreign name as Leasehold in accordance with Thai law.


An attractive 5-year guarantee program that provides 7% yearly returns is available to all of our investors. This option provides for limited use by the owner.

Take advantage of the popular Rental Management Program to ensure that your unit is consistently generating effortless passive income while you are abroad.


  • Scheduled for completion in Q4 2018


• Swimming Pools (2)

• Restaurant

• Shuttle Bus

• Kid's Room and Outdoor Play Area

• Fitness Room


  • Maintenance (CAM) Fee - 50 THB/SQm/Month (paid one year in advance)
  • Sinking Fund – 1,000 THB/SQm (one-time payment)
  • Electric and Water Meters - 20,000 THB
  • Registration Fees (Approx) Shared Equally  - Leasehold 1.1% of the purchase price, Foreign Freehold 6.3% of purchase price
  • Upgrade to Foreign Freehold quota - 300,000 THB
  • Built-in Package - Included in price
  • Furniture Package - Included in price


  • 100,000 THB Reservation Fee
  • 30% Contract Signing (Minus Reservation) in 14 days
  • 70% Transfer

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