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TripAdvisor 2019 Travelers Choice - Top 25 Destinations in the World - Phuket Thailand

Category : Thailand Property News | Posted On 2019-05-25 00:00:00

Top 25 Destinations in the World

TripAdvisor just released their 2019 Travelers Choice Top 25 Destinations in the World and Phuket Thailand has crept into a top 10 spot just behind Bali Indonesia. 

Phuket Thailand is a living postcard, a paradise that feels like a fantasy. Thailand's largest island is an international magnet for beach lovers and jet setters.

In the TripAdvisor 2018 Travelers Choice Top 25 Destinations in the World, Phuket Thailand was ranked 11th, moving up 5 spots this year due to the popularity of travelers. 

Blue lagoons and salmon sunsets make for a dream-like atmosphere, and indeed, a vacation here can feel a bit surreal. Watersports are the most popular activities, though once you’ve had enough sun there’s still plenty to explore at the island’s aquariums, gardens, and Buddhist temples. 

In the TripAdvisor 2017 Travelers Choice Top 25 Destinations in the World, Phuket Thailand was ranked 10th.

Phuket's topography is exceptional with 70% of its area covered by forest and mountains with stretch from North to South. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand with 39 nearby islands and a total population of 600,000 permanent residents.

In recent years, Phuket has developed into a world-class tourist destination with infrastructure that is matchless and far superior to other Asian countries. Phuket is quite simply paradise.

TripAdvisor 2019 Top 25 Destinations in the World 

Travelers Choice Awards

#1  London, United Kingdom

#2  Paris, France

#3  Rome, Italy

#4  Crete, Greece

#5  Bali, Indonesia

  #6   Phuket, Thailand

#7  Barcelona, Spain

#8  Istanbul, Turkey

#9  Marrakech, Morocco

#10  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

#11  Prague, Czech Republic

#12  Siam Reap, Cambodia

#13  New York City, New York

#14  Jamaica

#15  Hanoi, Vietnam

#16  Tokyo, Japan

#17  Playa del Carmen, Mexico

#18  Lisbon, Portugal

#19  Kathmandu, Nepal

#20  Jaipur, India

#21  Hurghada, Egypt

#22  Hong Kong, China

#23  Cusco, Peru

#24  Sydney, Australia

#25 Tel Aviv, Isreal

Travelers Choice #6 - Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand is Asia's premier resort island with amazing natural beauty including white sand beaches, amazing diving, first-class resorts and spas, championship golf courses, yacht marinas, fine restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and excellent shopping. 

Phuket Real Estate

Phuket has one of the fastest-growing property markets in the world with an increasing number of high-quality projects by internationally-renowned real estate developers. Environmentally friendly planning and zoning laws ensure that developments are low-key and low-density.

Phuket is Thailand's wealthiest province and also the jewel in the crown of Thailand's tourism industry, therefore receiving a high degree of protection and investment from the central government in Bangkok. 

Phuket's appeal is so strong that it was one of the only places in Asia that was unaffected by the Asian economic crisis during the 1990s and the World economic crisis of late. Property values rebounded quickly after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami which was the last market low.

Phuket Cost of Living

The cost of living in Phuket is low compared to Australia, North America, Europe, or other premier resort destinations. Fortune magazine recently named Thailand as one of the top ten places in the World to retire, “where you can still live like a King on your savings”.

Phuket Rental Returns

Phuket Thailand rental returns on condominiums and villas continue to remain high as more and more holidaymakers are opting for the privacy of a rental property over a resort accommodation. 

Phuket visitor arrivals are predicted around 6 million annually and the demand for holiday rentals continues to grow. 

Infrastructure and services continue to improve at a fast pace. With two international standard hospitals on the island, quality healthcare is available at a fraction of the cost in the West. 

Phuket's real estate market offers something for just about everyone.

 We specialize in helping foreigners make successful real estate investments in Thailand. Our friendly and professional agents advise and guide foreigners with reliable and honest communication providing a stress-free and efficient step-by-step process for buying or selling real estate in Phuket Thailand.

Whether you're looking to purchase a property or sell a property, we focus on your requirements, listen to your stated needs, and work hard to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Phuket Realtor
David Henry
David Henry is known for his integrity, high energy and hard work which goes into every detail of your real estate transaction at Phuket Realtor. David grew up in the Boston area and started as a realtor in his 20's. With over 30 years of experience in real estate, he has now started one of the best independent real estate agencies in Thailand, Phuket Realtor.

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