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When Selling your Apartment make sure to Create Appeal

Category : Selling | Posted On 2016-08-25 00:00:00

When Selling your Apartment in Phuket make sure to Create Appeal

Phuket is an exciting place for investment. But when it comes time to sell, make sure to create appeal for your apartment for sale.

Staging your apartment for sale is an excellent way to make it as market-friendly as possible.

This can be done in many ways. Make your unit stand out and one simple way to do this is to paint a "highlight wall". This is an inexpensive way to make your unit pop and stand out from the rest in the building. Remember when choosing paint at Home Pro, go 2 shades lighter than the color pallet. This is a good rule of thumb.

Creating more appeal also means removing all things that are unnecessary. Not many buyers are attracted to clutter and this can distract potential buyers. When getting your apartment for sale ready, remove personal pictures and personal items so the new owner can see themselves living there. As a general rule, remove one-half of all your things before listing your apartment for sale. When professional stagers first look at an apartment, one of the first things they notice is what needs to be removed. They know that the bigger a room looks, the more attractive it will be to buyers. Great staging means taking away, as much as it means adding to or changing a room when selling your apartment.

Make sure everything is in working order and make sure the unit is clean before selling your apartment. Replace any light bulbs and fix anything that is broken. Bring it back to the "as new" condition to attract the most buyers and viewings.

It is easy to brighten any room with a simple and inexpensive floor lamp or table lamp. And we cannot stress this enough, make sure the unit is cool and that all lights are on and window shades are completely open when buyers view your apartment. Most buyers like good light and the first impression is very important to a buyer.

It helps to point out some things to each potential buyer. The principle advantage of buying a completed property is risk-related: the property is actually standing there; therefore, you know what you are getting and how much you will have to pay for it, as opposed to an "off-plan" property investment, which technically is only a paper asset until completed and transferred (and where there is some additional risk). Buying property on the secondary market is also an easier way of getting into the property market that buying land and building your own property.

For more staging tips or if you would like our help in selling your apartment in Phuket give us a call today at +66 93 606 0906.

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David Henry
David Henry is known for his integrity, high energy and hard work which goes into every detail or your real estate transaction at Phuket Realtor. David grew up in the Boston area and started as a realtor in his 20's. With over 30 years of experience in real estate, he has now started one of the best independent real estate agencies in Thailand, Phuket Realtor.

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