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Thailand Property Sale | Land for Sale Thailand

You know how challenging it can be at times for a foreignerto buy land for sale in Thailand or locate a Thailand property sale. We specialize inhelping foreigners (ex-pats) acquire the best in Thailand property. In fact,we have helped hundreds of clients safely buy land for sale in Thailand and safelyexit the Thailand property market since we began operating in 2013. 

Are you looking for investment opportunities inThailand? 

Phuket Realtor offers avariety of land for sale in Thailand. Our local property listings are inprime locations throughout the Phuket province. Our professional Realtors arequalified to provide you with complete guidance from the beginning of your land search and throughout the entire buying process. We are also here to help yousell your land. We work with many land owners in the Phuket province and are notlimited in scope in any way. Including working with co-brokers if and whennecessary for your Thailand property sale.

Phuket Land for Sale | Land for Sale in Phuket

As independent Realtors, we help our client sell theirThailand property and or find Phuket land for sale. As pricescontinue to rise in the Phuket province we strive to help our clientsunderstand the reasons why and the benefits of investing here. It's a fact, land prices have been rising consistently every year since 2005 which was thelast market low. This is mainly due to demand but also due in part to thePhuket zoning regulations that restrict the amount of building on the island.When looking for land for sale in Phuket keep in mind that the zoningregulations will ensure that the island stays green in the future for theyounger generation to appreciate.

Why do you need a Realtor in Thailand?

Working with a good Realtor is important in Thailand.Investing in a foreign property market can be tricky and many times complicatedso you need a knowledgeable professional to guide you through the process andto ensure a safe and successful transaction. Much of our business is fromreferrals. At Phuket Realtor, we take great pride in making sure our clientsstay happy and fully understand their transactions as many are buying land inThailand for the first time.

Realtors in Thailand are not regulated and there is nocurrent Multiple Listing Service (MLS). As you can imagine, this makes thelocal property market more challenging to navigate. With no penalty fornon-disclosure, you really need to work with someone that you can trust, whoknows the market and will take the time to listen and understand your needs.Our Realtors will discuss your requirements first and then suggest the area’s best land for sale and then take you to view them. We work together in finding land that fulfills your expectations and most importantly stays within yourbudget.

How can Phuket Realtor help you?

Phuket Realtor has become one of the leading propertyagencies for buying and selling land in Thailand. We enjoy the personalconnections and the satisfaction of matching the right Phuket land for saleor land for sale in Phuket, with the right client. At the same time, weensure our sincere efforts in marketing and selling your property. If you arepresently looking for a trusted and reputable Realtor in Thailand, please giveus a call today at +66 93 606 0906 to discuss your needs.