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Financing a Property in Thailand | Can Foreigners Get a Loan?

Category : Buying Real Estate | Posted On 2020-03-12 04:12:16

Financing a Property in Thailand Can Foreigners Get a Loan?

What You Need to Know

Foreigners trying to obtain a loan to purchase real estate in Thailand used to be impossible. But now it's getting somewhat easier. There are a few lending banks and financial institutions in Thailand accepting applications to assist with mortgage loans to foreign ex-pats.

Not so long ago, foreigners looking for a mortgage were facing major resistance in obtaining loans and bank financing to invest in property in Thailand. With Thailand's growing popularity as an international property market and destination, things are changing. The early entrants were Bangkok Bank and UOB initially providing a very limited range of mortgage products for foreigners. 

Today, foreigners have access to a slightly larger selection of mortgages and a relatively wider choice of lending banks. However, qualifications for these financial products still remain severely restricted. Loan conditions imposed are generally less favorable than local Banks back home.

Things are Changing

Can foreigners get a loan in Thailand? The answer is YES. 

If you look around the current financial situation prevailing across the globe, it's pretty good. Many buyers look to Banks in their own countries for financial backing or can explore a wide array of options now available to them. Preparation is the first step and shall help you in determining your current position and the availability of foreign loan programs for investors considering financing a property in Thailand.

Foreign buyers interested in seeking financing from these lending banks should be aware that both interest rates and loan-to-value (LTV) are significantly higher than current rates. Loan payback periods are usually shorter and deposits of up to 50% are required on some loans. For many foreign buyers, foreign lending becomes an uncompetitive proposition.

However, ex-pats looking to settle down in Thailand with a stable income may find that a mortgage through one of these international lenders is a convenient way to save on rent and own a home.

What if I don't work in Thailand?

A question we get asked a lot from foreign buyers who do not plan on living permanently in Thailand is:  "Can foreigners get a loan in Thailand?" 

It is possible to get access to financing without living and working in Thailand. However, the eligibility and choices of lending banks are limited. Most borrowers who qualify find better lending options elsewhere, such as in their own country. Many of these buyers find it more attractive to take out an equity loan on their property back home at better terms.

Unfortunately, banks and lending institutions feel a heightened risk of lending to foreigners who do not live and work in Thailand.

What Banks will lend to foreigners?


United Overseas Bank is one of the early entrants into the foreign lending market and was initially set up to capitalize on the growing demand from Singaporean and Malaysian buyers who were investing in property in Thailand. The bank usually prioritizes buyers holding a current account.

UOB offers mortgages on property purchased in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom and has offices and mortgage teams in place in these countries to help assist clients. 

UOB International loan information can be found here

The UOB loan calculator can be found here.

The UOB referral program can be found here.

UOB contact center can be found here.


The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is relatively new at offering mortgages to foreign buyers. ICBC has recently started to offer mortgage products and services because of the increasing demand from Chinese buyers of property in Thailand. These Chinese buyers are coming from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and mainland China.

Contact Us

Tel:0 2677 4415

ICBC contact center can be found here.


MBK Guarantee is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MBK Group, alternatively, is another channel for foreigners to borrow a mortgage loan with confidence. The company, with a registered capital of 500 million THB, specializes in mortgage loans to foreigners and has native-speaking staff to help buyers. 

MBK Guarantee application form can be found here.

What are other options?

Seller Financing

Individual property owners are sometimes willing to extend terms to those buyers looking to finance a property in Thailand. This can be requested in a formal offer to the seller with a payment plan spelled out. It helps to be as specific as possible in making the schedule of payments. 

Of course, the property will not be transferred until the last payment is made. In such a scenario, an agreement is worked out reflecting the terms of the sale in the contract.

Make sure that your realtor knows you are in need of financing terms before the purchase of property in Thailand. They will have suggestions of where to look and which sellers and developers offer payment terms.

Payment Plans
In new construction, it is common to get a payment plan to correspond to the construction progress. It is also more and more common for developers to offer internal financing to buyers. This is sometimes not brought up unless asked about it. Consult with your realtor to search for the best options.

In Conclusion

As in Western countries, most Thai Banks offer mortgages to local Thais for real estate purchases. And more recently, thanks to the government’s wish to increase investment, there are more opportunities for foreigners to secure lending. 

It should be noted that there are strict terms to be met in order to receive financing from Thai banks. These loans have restrictions and limits, but this is nonetheless a positive shift in policy.

Phuket Realtor
Greg Carlson
Greg Carlson is known for his honesty, reliability and hard work which goes into every detail of your real estate transaction at Phuket Realtor. Greg was born on the west coast, raised in Texas and practiced accounting in the United States, With over 8 years of experience in Thailand real estate, he is now a partner at one of the best independent real estate agencies in Thailand, Phuket Realtor.

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